No glue, no magnets, zero fuss

Meet your G.O.A.T Eyeliner Perfector, formulated for versatile use.

  • Highly pigmented waterproof eyeliner
  • Strip lash glue
  • Magnetic eye liner 
  • Precision felt tip liner for clean lines
  • Non latex formula that’s vegan, cruelty free and windproof
  • Minimal dry time and all day hold that won't damage natural lashes

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G.O.A.T Eyeliner Perfector

  • Step 1: Shake well and Apply

    Apply a generous amount of formula along the lash line as you would draw you eyeliner normally. Ensure you take the liner all the way along your lash line to ensure the edge of your lash band sits firmly. 

    Step 2: Wait for 15 Seconds

    Allow minimum 15 seconds after you apply the G.O.A.T Eyeliner Perfector for the formula to get tacky and smudge-proof. 

    Step 3: Apply lashes

    Apply your favourite pair of TaraLashes by pressing the lash band into place G.O.A.T Eyeliner Perfector requires soft-medium pressure to be activated. 

    Step 4: Share your shine


    We recommend your eye is oil-free as this will ensure a stronger hold. To remove, use micelar water or oil-cleanser.